Where You Can Find Us

Right now you can find us at  school parties, birthdays, & neighborhood gatherings. Sponsor a s'mores night with your friends, family and neighbors to enjoy during cold evenings.

S'tarting from the beginning


S'mores bring memories of summer nights around the bonfire, laughing about the day, and sharing stories of summers' past. The sweet taste of melted marshmallow, warm chocolate, and a crispy graham cracker evokes images of sunburned cheeks and broad smiles. We found a s'mores cookbook on the clearance shelf, and the idea blossomed. And after years of brainstorming, we are thrilled to offer s'mores with a twist. These seasonal combinations allow you to enjoy this sweet treat all year long, and our s'mores-on-a-stick eliminates the sticky hands.

Happiness between two cookies

Who Are We

S'meet Maddie and Amy

Why We S'more

Marshmallow base of boiling sugars

This Season's Flavors

The original is always in season, but some times a berry or a pumpkin spice is better. Check out the selection.